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Desk mini lead free reflow oven R350 for PCB component welding

Desk mini lead free reflow oven R350 for PCB component welding
Desk mini lead free reflow oven R350 for PCB component welding
Product Code : R350
Brand Name : TORCH
Product Description

What is R350?
R350 is the first inline lead-free reflow oven with six temperature zones and the min inline reflow oven worldwide with six temperature zones.
R350= a inline lead free reflow oven + a temperature curve tester with four channels.

R350 has the high reliability, high temperature uniformity, circuit board welding plate actual temperature real time detection,module temperature control system, the test report format is beautiful and very high cost performance
TORCH R&D team based on SMT technology accumulation in 12 years, according to actual needs of domestic and foreign well-known research institutions, electronics factory and research institute, school etc, carefully develop new product.
R350 which is the ideal choice of small and medium-sized electronics factory small batch more varieties of production and electronic companies,scientific research institutes of scientific research production ,and also the first selection of high quality welding equipment.

R350 unique aspect
Worldwide min heating zone can achieve desk type six temperature zone welding function
1 R350 adopts pioneering panel heating technology science and technology, higher temperature evenness
2 R350 adopt four groups inline testing function, complete four ways circuit board inline real tine testing heat function
3 R350 can weld big size circuit board:600*350MM。
4 R350 using induction heating technology, six temperature zones reflow soldering can be used in air conditioning socket normally. More suitable for users of various environment.
5 R350 free maintenance function, the whole machine adopts module temperature control system, it is convenient to use for users, reduce the cost of the long-term using.

6 R350 increase waste gas purification filtering functions after welding produce. more environmental protection
7 R350 adopt patent flux recovery technology, can ensure flux recycling in the using process, more environmentally friendly equipment, at the same time furnace chamber free cleaning.
8 R350 with high thermal insulation material and patent technology, normal using process, the equipment shell temperature less than 48 degrees.

R350 Technical parameters
A: temperature zone:up and down total12groups temperature zone + 4 groups inline testing
B: controlling temperature system:computer control system, SSR without touch point output
C: temperature accuracy: ± 2 ℃

D: temperature uniformity:within 5 ℃
E: temperature range : room temperature -360 ℃
F: Heat source: dark infrared ray + hot air convection
G: circuit board welding size: 600mm *350mm
H: welding time : 3min ± 1min
I: temperature curve:can be set by requirements,meanwhile real time test and analyst welded circuit board temperature
J: cooling system:wind cooling,can use air cooler to reduce temperature rapidly
K: Rated voltage: AC single-phase 220 v; 50 hz
L: max power : 7.8KW average power: 2.5kw
M: Weight: 150 kg
N: size : length * width* height: 1500* 700* 520mm