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Desk wave soldering machine in electric industry for SMT

Desk wave soldering machine in electric industry for SMT
Desk wave soldering machine in electric industry for SMT
Product Code : TB680
Brand Name : TORCH
Product Description

Desk wave soldering machine 



Desk wave soldering machine TB680 has been developed by Torch, It is the first equipment in small type wave soldering field. TB680 is suitable for research center, war industry, middle- and small-sized corporation, small private corporation and other electronic production companies. It is a desk-type, taking up small room, with multi-functions, energy-saving and high efficiency. The operation is easy and especially suitable for small and middle batch production.  

Main technology parameters

max power                           3KW


pot capacity                          37Kg tin

max PCB size                        200X270mm (max)

temperature range                  200-300℃  LED display

preheating temperature                70-90℃

height range of wave crest            5-12mm

Melting time                         80min

flux spray                          froth

power supply                   220V±1%V  AC  single phase 50Hz

(please connect power to the ground)

transmission speed          eight                                48Kg




There are 6 parts: flux, preheating, soldering, electrical controlling, exhaust unit and convection unit.

1.      Flarts are made of air pump, air tube, pin valve, filter, froth tube and flux box, is made by tin pot, heating board, wave pump and tin.




Figure 3: The solder will be divided into upper and lower levels by clapboard, the lower for the high-pressure layer, the upper layer for the low-pressure layer, liquid solder will be into high pressure layer driven by wave pump, the solder in the high pressure layer rotate and then pass regulator, it will overflow from the nozzle, the wave crest form and then fall into low pressure layer because of gravity

4 electrical controlling

With modular structure, transmission speed, solder temperature, preheating time and others can be adjusted and controlled. Working principle is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 electrical controlling


4.      exhaust unit

It is made of cover, air fan, air cover and air tube. All exhaust generated in soldering will be eliminated.

5.      convection unit

It is made of chain, rail, drive and pallet. PCB will be sent in flux unit, preheating unit and soldering unit by convection unit.